Jordan Castinado

Jordan Castinado

Jordan Castinado earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing with Dual Breadths in Outdoor Recreation, Personal Wellness and Media and Communication. For his senior project, he created a self-published Bachelor of Fine Arts manuscript of his written works over the course of his education at Prescott College. Jordan recently graduated this May.

Jordan’s discovery of Prescott College was unusual. While waiting to board a flight to Afghanistan to serve in the military, he found a copy of the Princeton Review in a pile of donated books. Seeking a plan for college after the military, Jordan read through the publication and found that, “Prescott College seemed by far the most off-the-beaten-path and unconventional school.” He immediately knew Prescott College was the perfect fit for him after having an unsatisfactory previous experience with a state university, “feeling like a faceless number and powerless.”

Upon arriving at Prescott College, his immediate impression was a “much more intimate environment where there are close and genuine bonds between students, faculty, and staff.” This sense of bonding was definitely felt during the College’s wilderness orientation. “I can’t think of any other university where the first weeks of class are spent outside under the sky and stars without showers or cell phones.” He emphasizes that, “the challenges and rewards of orientation set Prescott College and its students apart from day one.” He feels a lot of students are also drawn to the Prescott College,  after hearing its story of perseverance and motivation during times of great struggle.

Since Jordan’s orientation experience, he has enjoyed the small class sizes, self-directedness and the important values and attitudes that the school holds. Ultimately, “the chance to see life from a different perspective” has been the most meaningful part of his program. He “likes to think that there is more to an education than merely hitting the books and cramming for tests.”

While Prescott College has allowed him to gain a more holistic view of the world and freely pursue his passions, he also mentions that “you don’t learn about rivers or geology from a textbook at Prescott College; instead, you paddle on a raft at the bottom of the Grand Canyon and learn through living.” Being a Prescott College student has definitely changed Jordan in a positive way. “It’s amazing what being outdoors can do to one’s soul — especially in the desert – and once or twice on every field course there’s always been some joyous moment where I’ve caught myself thinking — ‘wait this is school?!’”