Environmental Studies

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Are you interested in studying the environment and the role that humans play in it? A bachelors degree in environmental studies can lead to a variety of careers, in fields like conservation, environmental policy, and environmental education. A bachelor's degree for future environmental leaders Like all of our programs, our approach to environmental studies is integrated - weaving together different perspectives and disciplines to provide you with a holistic view. With one-of-a-kind course offerings that get you out in the field and experiencing some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world - Prescott College is the place to be if you're passionate about the environment and want to have a career working for and in the natural world. You'll get an unforgettable education in places like the Grand Canyon, Norway, and Kino Bay, Mexico.

At Prescott College, you'll get to design a degree that's as unique as you are. Many students combine the field of Environmental Studies with another study area such as Human Development, Education, or Adventure Education. Students have designed degrees in areas ranging from Marine Studies, Natural History & Ecology, to Earth Science, and Conservation Biology.

Want to take your education further? Be sure to ask about our accelerated, tuition-free Master's degree in Environmental Studies and Sustainability! 


  • Identify, compare, contrast and apply the historical,philosophical and ethical foundations of how humans value, use, and managenature and natural resources.
  • Identify and apply abiotic, biological, ecological, andevolutionary processes, from molecules to the biosphere across a variety oftemporal and spatial scales.
  • Use appropriate methodologies toaddress a range of research questions, to interpret landscapes, to test hypotheseswhere appropriate, and to analyze and communicate the results to diverseaudiences.
  • Apply understandings of the reciprocal influencesbetween people and nature through meaningful analysis of complex relationshipsamong ecological, cultural, socio- political, and economic systems in the creationof effective

Learning outcomes for all undergraduate students: 

  • Development and analysis of the most current terms, concepts, techniques, and approaches shaping the field of knowledge;
  • Focus on inclusion of divergent, synthetic responses and/or products as assessment/evaluation tools that are produced with minimal input from the instructor;
  • Application of techniques and approaches toward divergent assignments or projects that are potentially novel to the field, or that represent the most current approaches in the field;
  • Increased focus on inclusion of primary scholarship in the as material for students to analyze and critique constructively;
  • Independent application of the standards of the field toward writing assignments, oral presentations, performances, etc


  • Biologist
  • Ecological Designer
  • Ecologist
  • Environmental Attorney / Lawyer
  • Environmental Educator
  • Environmental Lawyer
  • Field Biologist
  • Fisheries Ecologist
  • Forest Ranger
  • Geologist
  • High School Science Teacher
  • Marine Biologist
  • Marine Conservationist
  • Marine Policy Advocate
  • Museum Curator
  • Natural Resource Specialist
  • Preserve Manager
  • Seabird Ecologist
  • Sustainability Project Manager

All application materials should be submitted through the online application portal.
1.    Autobiographical Essay: Submit a two to four-page autobiographical essay reflecting on your past academic experiences and your educational goals
2.    One letter of recommendation: First-time Freshmen must have a letter written by a teacher or counselor; transfer students may have a letter from anyone except family or a significant other. Please note you will have an opportunity to gather letters of recommendation by email through the online application.  
3.    Test Scores: Prescott College does not require applicants to submit SAT or ACT scores for admission. Applicants are welcome to submit their scores as part of their application. Our SAT code is 0484 and our ACT code is 5022.
4.    Official transcripts can be submitted electronically by the issuing institution via Parchment or through the mail at:

Office of Admissions
Prescott College
202 Grove Avenue
Prescott, Arizona 86301

All transcripts submitted by mail must arrive in an official sealed envelope from the issuing institution.

Unofficial transcripts may be submitted for the admissions committee to begin a preliminary evaluation of an application. Official transcripts will be required to provide an official offer of admission.
 If you have any questions, please contact us at 1-877-350-2100 or for assistance. Start your application, apply today

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