Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Environmental Education encourages the discovery and understanding of the Earth's natural systems and the human role in those systems. Environmental educators strive to see, feel, and teach about the interrelationships among all living things and have a solid comprehension of ecological concepts, as well as an understanding of environmental history and the ecological effects that humans have had on the Earth. Students pursuing this emphasis explore the literature and philosophy concerning the human–nature relationship as it relates to teaching environmental awareness through formal and non-formal educational settings. In addition to gaining a theoretical foundation, students have the opportunity to practice and develop their teaching skills through several education courses that involve designing and implementing educational units to a wide variety of students and educational settings. The Environmental Education emphasis is highly interdisciplinary and complementary to students studying Adventure Education, Social Justice, Ecopsychology, as well as Environmental Studies and Education. Orientation Each fall and spring, new Prescott College students find themselves in "the classroom," the breathtaking, sometimes raw, always diverse terrains and environments of the Southwest. New Prescott students are introduced to the natural environment of the Southwest, learn about themselves and each other, and experience the educational philosophies of Prescott College during Orientation, thus beginning the journey of developing relationships with their new home, community, and academic career. For most students, Orientation will mean a three-week Desert, Mountain and Canyon Expedition (aka Wilderness Orientation). Students, as a small community of engaged learners, will be backpacking throughout ecologically diverse locations in Arizona. Studying - Connecting - Growing. Other students will participate in a Base Camp Orientation, or Community-Based Orientation. Follow this link for detailed information on these Orientation options: Orientation Details First Year Experience In their first semester, freshmen will enroll in courses addressing the concerns and challenges of being a college student.

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