Christopher Broughton-Bossong

Christopher Broughton-Bossong completed his Bachelors of Science in Environmental Studies with an emphasis in Wildlife Conservation and has continued his studies through the Master of Arts in Environmental Studies at Prescott College. His main goal is to combat the pandemic of wildlife poaching.

After a friend referred Christopher to Prescott College, he discovered how flexible the curriculum was to combine his interests of teaching, wildlife and rescue work. Christopher was able to intertwine his professional work as a firefighter and EMT with his interest in Wildlife Conservation.


Christopher has learned to take charge of his academic success. The writing and field intensive courses challenged and empowered him to decide just how much he wanted to get out of his education. Rather than presenting an undeveloped idea to his professors and expecting them to polish it, he learned to present well-thought-out ideas for refinement. With a heightened sense of responsibility, Christopher has become more ambitious in his academics. He states, “I have gained confidence in my ability to think critically”. Prescott College has prepared Christopher to make a difference in the world. He is using his background to train others to become wildlife medical responders in remote environments.