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Adventure Education

Academically and technically proficient outdoor leaders — our graduates are field-tested
Signature Courses
Avalanche Forecasting
Backcountry Skiing & Winter
Ecology Sea Kayaking & Marine Natural History
The way learning is approached at Prescott College is so empowering. The trust and confidence the program placed in me, as a scholar, made me feel that much more confident in my own abilities to set my own course and direct my own process.

For over fifty years we’ve been the leader in Adventure Education, providing students with opportunities to launch careers they’re passionate about. With this bachelors degree in Adventure Education, you'll have the opportunity to explore the most remote and beautiful areas in our own state of Arizona as well as breathtaking locations around the world. Be it on snow, vertical rock, ocean, river, or in the classroom – you will develop theoretical grounding, leadership abilities, practical and technical skills, health and fitness, and sensitivity to the environment. 

Our graduates can be found guiding clients safely up a vertical rock face, rafting down the Grand Canyon with a group of clients, forecasting avalanche dangers at a Forest Service avalanche center, and managing logistics and field risks while scientists work on a remote ice cap.

A bachelor's degree for true adventurers and explorers

There’s a reason why Backpacker Magazine ranked us one of the Top Schools for Hikers. It all starts with a 21-day wilderness orientation in the backcountry of Arizona.You will develop a sense of place and make connections to the Southwest through rigorous backcountry travel, map and wilderness navigation, and by studying the natural and cultural history of your route.  

Following orientation you will have ample opportunities to explore Arizona and the Southwest, in areas like the Grand Canyon, Joshua Tree, and the Sierra Nevadas. There are also plenty of chances to explore other interests and curiosities. Many students combine the field of Adventure Education with another study area such as Environmental Studies, or Cultural and Regional Studies. 

At Prescott College, you have the opportunity to design your bachelors degree. Students have designed degrees in areas ranging from Wilderness Leadership to Outdoor Program Administration and Therapeutic Use of Adventure Education. 

Want to take your education further?  Be sure to ask about our accelerated, tuition-free Master's degree. 

Get started today! 

You'll develop a strong foundation in the liberal arts with a foundation in critical thinking and creative problem-solving by engaging in a broad, interwoven range of models of inquiry. Additionally you'll gain:

  • Ecological literacy that is based on an understanding of natural systems, and an examination of human impact on the integrity of those systems and the diversity of life
  • Global and cultural knowledge that involves both an academic and a personal understanding of the depth of our interdependence as human beings and communities
  • The skills and dispositions involved in lifelong learning include curiosity, transfer, independence, initiative, and reflection
  • A framework for inquiry, analysis, and synthesis that include the capacity to use research techniques, mathematics, and other qualitative and quantitative scholarly methods


  • Adventure Program Administrator
  • Alpine Mountaineering Instructor
  • Avalanche Course Educator
  • Avalanche Forecaster
  • Backcountry Ski Guide
  • Camp Counselor
  • Camp Director
  • Emergency Medical Technician
  • Environmental Educator
  • Graduate School
  • Mountain or Rock Climbing Guide
  • National Outdoor Leadership School Instructor/Administrator
  • Outdoor Business Owner
  • Outdoor Program Administrator
  • Outward Bound Instructor/Administrator
  • River Guide
  • Rock Climbing Instructor
  • School Based Adventure Coordinator
  • Scientific Research Technician in Extreme Environments
  • Sea Kayaking Instructor
  • Search and Rescue Staff
  • Ski Instructor
  • Ski Patrol/Snow Safety Personnel
  • Swiftwater Rescue Instructor
  • Wilderness Medicine Educator
  • Wilderness Therapy Staff/Clinician


Application Materials 

Be proactive! Review our list of required supplemental application materials before starting your application process. All application materials should be submitted through the online application portal. You must mail official transcripts and materials to Prescott College, Office of Admissions 220 Grove Avenue, Prescott, Arizona, 86301

  1. Autobiographical Essay: Submit a two to four page autobiographical essay reflecting on your past academic experiences and your educational goals

  2. One letter of recommendation: First-time Freshmen must have a letter written by a teacher or counselor; transfer students may have a letter from anyone except family or a significant other. Please note you will have an opportunity to gather letters of recommendation by email through the online application.  

  3. Test Scores: Prescott College does not require applicants to submit SAT or ACT scores for admission. Applicants are welcome to submit their scores as part of their application. Our SAT code is 0484 and our  ACT code is 5022.

  4. Official transcripts can be submitted electronically by the issuing institution via Parchment or through the mail at:

    Office of Admissions
    Prescott College
    202 Grove Avenue
    Prescott, Arizona 86301

    All transcripts submitted by mail must arrive in an official sealed envelope from the issuing institution.

    Please note: unofficial transcripts may be submitted for the admissions committee to begin a preliminary evaluation of an application. Official transcripts will be required to provide an official offer of admission.

    Let’s get going! We are here to support you during the admissions process. If you have any questions, please contact us at 1-877-350-2100 or for assistance.


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Academic Support|Associate Dean of Student Affairs