The Academic Experience - Online

At Prescott College, education is personal and experiential. You'll have the opportunity to work within a prescripted degree plan, or craft your own. 

Regardless of your area of study, all Prescott College programs give you valuable experience in your field. Whether you’re kayaking in the Gulf of California, studying marine biology in Kino Bay Mexico, or gaining experience in Social Justice and Community Organizing along the border, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to explore your world. At the end of your journey you won’t just have a degree, you’ll have a competence that will help you be successful.

  • Arts & Humanities (inactive)
  • Culture & History (inactive)
  • Gender Studies (inactive)
  • Global Studies (inactive)
  • Health & Medicine (inactive)
  • Helping People (inactive)
  • Human Behavior (inactive)
  • Language (inactive)
  • Policy & Activism (inactive)
  • Leadership (inactive)
  • Outdoor Adventure (inactive)
  • Environment (inactive)
  • Program Management (inactive)
  • Sustainability/Regenerativity (inactive)
  • Research (inactive)
  • Education & Teaching (inactive)
  • Travel/Study Abroad (inactive)
  • Training Others (inactive)
  • Wilderness (inactive)
  • Science and Technology (inactive)
  • Sustainability (inactive)
  • Children (inactive)
  • Climate Change (inactive)
  • Social Justice (inactive)
  • Food Systems (inactive)
  • Entrepreneurship/Business (inactive)