Diversity and Inclusion

Prescott College is a pluralistic community where respect for differences and dialogue are key aspects of true experiential education. At Prescott College diversity in race, ethnicity, class, age, ability, religious belief, sexual orientation, and gender are respected and celebrated as we actively seek understanding across lines of difference.

Student Scholar Activism

A significant component of Prescott College's realizing its commitment to Diversity & Inclusion emerges in the inspirational scholar activism of our students. Working with our local, state, national, and international communities, our learners create and implement projects, which epitomize academic applications of partnership and justice.  Whether it's organizing youth praxis conferences, offering empowerment programming for adolescent women, facilitating educational camps for LGBTQ teens, or hosting initiatives of intercultural solidarity (to name just a few), our students lead the way with their visionary, innovative work.

Social Justice in Arizona

While the state of Arizona has become a national example of discriminatory politics it continues to be an even stronger site of social justice organizing and activism. Prescott College finds itself in the midst of this environment with an opportunity to mobilize resources and take a public stand for social justice. 

Diversity & Inclusion Committee

The Diversity & Inclusion Committee works to promote, enhance and celebrate diversity at Prescott College. Appointed by and reporting to the President, the Diversity Committee is composed of representatives from across the College including administrators, faculty members, staff members, and students.

*The goals of the Committee are as follows:

  • Advise the President on all matters and issues of diversity.
  • Review the existing Diversity Committee goals and strategies, prioritize short-term goals annually, and recommend specific diversity goals for the College’s strategic planning processes.
  • Collect, assess, and disseminate data on campus climate, group interactions, attitudes towards diversity, and student learning, retention, and success.
  • Initiate policies/programs to enrich understanding of, respect for, and capabilities to support diversity at Prescott College.
  • Promote the enhancement of educational programs to reflect intercultural values and diversity learning goals, and to support the recruitment, retention, and success of diverse learners.
  • Initiate and support projects and programs aimed specifically at increasing the number of underrepresented minorities amongst our students, staff and faculty.
  • Report annually on the work of the Committee and the progress made toward the short-term and longer-term strategic goals.

*Courtesy of Ferris State University