Psychology & Human Development

Are you interested in taking a critical look at the current mental health field while focusing on solutions and strategies to make a positive change? The Psychology and Human Development program at Prescott College prepares students for meaningful careers as practitioners and change agents working within the mental health field. In this program, students are asked to question valued assumptions embedded in Western psychological discourse in order to find ways to eradicate injustices and inequities in our current social, economic, and political systems. Students will be given the opportunity to critique the foundational underpinnings on which the field of psychology is based, using critical theory as the primary lens. There are a variety of concentrations a student can choose from, including: Critical psychology|Counseling|Ecopsychology|Holistic health & wellness|Expressive arts|Gender & sexuality studies|Psychology/human development Students in each concentration will be encouraged to create their own unique study plan which reflects their personal interests and learning goals. All concentrations are uniquely designed for undergraduate students who want to develop the skills they need to become effective practitioners, while also providing opportunities to develop interpersonal skills that can benefit them in other areas of their lives.

Our Faculty

Stacey Carrillo

Instruction|Faculty / Director, Counseling Programs