Student Union Board Profile: Constance Scott

“My goal is to understand the student body and the things that they enjoy most so that we are able to create the atmosphere that the students want.”

Constance is passionate about social movements and community organizing. She is looking forward to “diving in and learning the ropes” at Prescott College. Constance strives to be a resource to students in the campus community through her work as a Residence Assistant and Student Union Board (SUB) member. Through her leadership roles she is able to provide emotional and academic support to the On Campus Undergraduate student body. One of the ways that Constance helps new students feel emotionally and academically supported is strengthening their sense of belonging through student-led clubs. SUB is instrumental in making clubs on campus possible. As a SUB member, Constance believes, “If we can allow more clubs to continue to flourish and work together, we can create a more welcoming environment in our community.” Not only is it important to her that more clubs become available, but for more clubs to work together as a unit.

Constance witnessed the power of student clubs working together to raise awareness on social and environmental issues during the Call to Action Month last April. The event was coordinated by the Black Student Union.

Originally from Saint Louis, Missouri, Constance chose to attend Prescott College because she was confident it could “provide the right platform for what I wanted to do.” The mission and values of the college aligned with her own goals and aspirations. Her expectations for what her experience would be were confirmed as she found that, “Prescott College is the first institution that has allowed for me to grow in search of myself. The programs and pedagogy offered here allow students to take control of the path they want to choose.” Prescott College gives students more freedom and independence in their education which teaches them self-discipline. Constance takes this as an opportunity to put integrity into her work with the goal of self improvement.

A life changing moment in Constance’s studies at Prescott College was the opportunity to spend an entire semester in Maasailand in Kenya last summer. This experience gave her new academic and social perspectives and inspired her own personal growth and development. Exploring the world has taught Constance that the problems that exist in third world countries are not as isolated as they seem and that change is possible.

As a recipient of the Prescott College Fellowship, a full-tuition scholarship, Constance intends to completes her degree in Post Colonial Theory. Her senior project will focus on designing a new student orientation experience with the Yavapai-Apache Nation in the Verde Valley of Northern Arizona. This orientation will be unique in the fact that new students will be introduced to Prescott College while simultaneously engaging with the Yavapai-Apache community to understand the impact of colonialism on their history, land, and culture.

After Constance completes her undergraduate degree she plans to earn her a Master of Arts in Social Justice and Community Organizing from Prescott College. Her ultimate goal is to pursue her law degree to make changes to public policy. Passionate about creating positive change in the world, Constance tries as much as she can to educate those around her wherever she goes with what she has learned at Prescott College.

Sara Reveile