Staff Profile: Nicholas Weiss, Director of Library Services

Was seeking to find a leadership role at a College that had a commitment to social justice and the environment.


Nicholas Weiss began his work @prescottcollege this summer as the Director of Library Services. Nicholas was seeking to find a leadership role at a College that held to a particular ethical standard, a commitment to social justice and the environment.

Nicholas teaches courses in research skills, research methods, and APA formatting to support students in their understanding of information literacy and college-level writing and composition. His favorite part of the job is supporting students in discovering their own research. He enjoys engaging with students and getting them excited about digging for new information, a subject he feels so passionately about. He appreciates the experiential education model that Prescott College affords students. “It’s more than just sitting in a class and regurgitating other people’s ideas. You’re actually learning how to think for yourself and learning how to go out and do something to make the world a better place.”

Nicholas believes all students should be treated with respect and compassion to assure they’re able to sit as equals and learn more with the understanding that they aren’t being judged for seeking help. He sees a transformation in students who have the opportunity to work hands-on with real life problems and look at real issues, and Prescott College provides that. He feels students are able to achieve a greater sense of accomplishment.

Nicholas’ overarching goal as the new Director of Library Services is to empower students to think critically about how’s and the why’s of information sharing. In a world so attached to information sharing through technological tools and advancements “there will always be someone trying to sell you an idea of reality that they want you to have”. He challenges students to consider how information can be used as a form of influence and oppression. In comparison to students he has taught before, he believes Prescott College students are more willing to argue and assert their beliefs. He feels college libraries are resources to enhance students’ education.

Red Lambert