Ellen Bashor Selected as a 2018 ee360 Community EE Fellow

Bashor is the Program Coordinator & Adjunct Faculty for the new Prescott College Center for Nature and Place-Based Early Childhood Education

Ellen Bashor is the Program Coordinator for the Center for Nature and Place-based Early Childhood Education (NPECE Center) at Prescott College and serves on the board of directors for the Arizona Association for Environmental Education (AAEE), an NAAEE Affiliate Network member. At the NPECE Center, she coordinates their annual professional development institute, gives workshops and presentations, organizes community events, and advocates for the advancement of equitable and inclusive nature and place-based learning opportunities for all young children. Ellen is also an Environmental Education (EE) instructor at Prescott College where she is pursuing her Master’s Degree with a focus on Early Childhood EE. Her passion for little friends and lots of nature grows from an adventurous childhood and years of play at a local nature camp she helped found. Ellen believes the ee360 Fellowship and collaboration with Natural Start will help her build a diverse nationwide network of early childhood educators dedicated to the best practices in nature-based ECE. She sees early place & nature connection as a strong beginning on our journey towards a more socially and ecologically just world. When she’s not in nature with kids & grown folks, she’s in nature with her partner & desert dog, climbing rocks and reveling in the beauty of it all.

About Ellen’s ee360 Community Action Project

Ellen’s ee360 Fellowship Community Action Project is developing an Affiliate Network framework for the Natural Start Alliance, NAAEE’s Early Childhood Environmental Education (ECEE) program. Natural Start is a coalition of educators, parents, organizations, and others who want to help young children connect with nature and care for the environment. Natural Start’s network has grown exponentially in the past few years, and as a national program, they do not have the capacity to meet the growing demand for local support. By developing Natural Start’s Affiliate Network framework, Ellen hopes to create a formalized space for other organizations dedicated to ECEE to work collaboratively on:

  • making the case,
  • providing the best tools,
  • promoting access for all,
  • advocating for children, and
  • creating community.

Ellen works for the Center for Nature and Place-based Early Childhood Education where they provide leadership for the advancement of equitable and inclusive nature and place-based early learning. She believes that through an intentional framework design centered on best practices, she will help Natural Start and others across the nation increase access to equitable and inclusive ECEE for all.

Prescott College