Resident Undergraduate Writing Certification Guidelines

Resident Undergraduate Program Writing Certification Guidelines
Writing Certification I: Basic College-level Writing Proficiency
Students may satisfy the Writing certification I requirement by completing Writing Workshop at Prescott College; by transferring in an equivalent course from another accredited institution (with a grade of C or better); or by achieving a score of 3 or higher in AP English. In rare instances, a Prescott College faculty member may nominate a student who possesses exceptional writing skills to take a certification exam.
Writing Certification II: Three Courses Designated “Writing Emphasis” (WE)
Writing Certification II is satisfied by the completion of three courses designated Writing Emphasis. At least one of these courses must be in the competence. WE courses may be Lower Division or Upper Division. Writing Certification I is a prerequisite or co-requisite for a WE course. A maximum of two courses from another accredited institution could potentially be transferred in, based on successful completion (B or better) and review of course description to document that formal writing was a significant component of the course. The course must be sophomore level or higher; English 102 or equivalent first-year seminar or course would not meet this requirement. If the course is obviously a literature course or a discipline-specific writing course, the Registrar may record the credit before the student enrolls. If additional consultation is required, the writing certification task force has the authority to review and approve these transfer courses.
Writing Certification III: Upper-Division Research Paper
Writing Certification III consists of a research paper, written in an Upper Division course or independent study in the competence or breadth area. The WCIII can be written in the context of one of the three WE courses or the WCIII can be negotiated in a different course or IS contract with a faculty member or approved instructor. The WCIII must be completed before beginning the senior project.
The following requirements and guidelines apply to the Writing Certification III research paper, which is included in each student’s permanent file. Further details can be found in the Student Handbook’s “Writing Certification: Questions and Answers” section. The coversheet for submitting the WCIII paper can be found here.
Writing Certification III Minimum Requirements
Type of Writing: The paper must be a thesis-driven research paper.
Upper Division: The paper must be written in the context of an upper-division Prescott College Writing Emphasis (WE) course or independent study in your competence or breadth area.
Research/Documentation: The paper should reflect the correct documentation style (e.g., MLA, APA, Chicago Style, etc.), as well as the appropriate research methods for the content area. The student should consult with their faculty mentor with questions. Typically, formal research requires the student to use and evaluate a variety of reliable sources, including juried periodicals, books, and juried internet sites (e.g., using journal databases like EBSCOHOST). Most faculty members will ask the student to include an annotated bibliography or appendix, indicating the sources consulted and research methods.

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