Bachelor of Arts (BA) with Teacher Certification

In the On Campus Undergraduate Program, Prescott College offers Bachelor of Arts Degrees in Secondary Education and Elementary Education. Students live and study in Prescott and benefit from local K-12 partnerships. Requirements for a teaching credential can be earned concurrently while earning a Bachelor of Arts degree. Students master educational principles and apply these in many problem-solving situations during courses, through independent studies, and in a 12-week student teaching assignment. Elementary school educators pursue a broadly based liberal arts education, including solid preparation in math, language arts, science, and social studies. Secondary school educators will have significant course work in a subject area typically taught in a public high school.

Life & Career Outcomes Elementary Art Teacher|Elementary School Teacher|Environmental Educator|Experiential Education Teacher|High School Art Teacher|High School English Teacher|High School Science Teacher|High School Social Studies Teacher|Outdoor Business Owner|School Principal

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